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Like many pieces of equipment that may be utilized by homeowners and business owners, snowblowers need to be provided with routine maintenance otherwise they will break down and need intensive repairs.

If you are a homeowner or business owner that has one or more snowblowers that are either in need of routine maintenance or are past that point and are needing more intensive repairs, our small engine repair business can take a look at your snowblowers and make sure they get back working at their optimum level and stay that way for years to come.

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Common Snowblower Problems that Require Repair

> The chute keeps getting clogged

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If your chute keeps getting clogged and won’t blow the snow out, this could mean that you’re auger blades aren’t turning like they’re supposed to, as the auger blades are what forces the snow through the chute.  This could mean that something is up with your auger transmission, possibly that it isn’t properly lubricated.

> You can’t get the engine to turn over

One common problem with snowblowers is that they aren’t in use as often as many other pieces of equipment due to the fact that you only need to bring them out when it snows. Because of this, fuel can sometimes sit in the tank for long periods of time, and when fuel sits for too long a layer of water begins to form at the bottom that will cause the engine to not start or stall and could possibly damage it. One way to prevent this from happening is to add fuel stabilizer to your fuel every time you fill your snowblower’s tank up. However, if the problem goes unabated, it could lead to more serious engine problems that will require more intensive repairs down the line. Other engine problems may be caused by a defective spark plug.

> Your snowblower is difficult to handle

If your snowblower isn’t going where you want it to and keeps jerking forwards, this could mean that the cables are loose. Cables need to be adjusted precisely to provide just the right amount of tension on the wheels so your snowblower handles smoothly and goes where you want it to go.

> The blades have stopped spinning completely

The blades are spun by a belt connected to the auger transmission and this belt can wear fast and snap on you at inopportune times. Checking the auger belt routinely for wear and tear and replacing it whenever it looks like it might be on its last legs is a great way to ensure that the blades keep spinning strong when you need them to.

> How often should my snowblower be provided routine maintenance?

The fact is that even when things are running smoothly, annual maintenance is always a good idea for anything that has an engine. There are many different things that you should do for your snowblower at least once a year, including:

  • Making sure the auger transmission has plenty of lubrication
  • Adding fuel stabilizer to the fuel system and/or replacing old fuel
  • Tightening the cables
  • Replacing the spark plug
  • Replacing the auger belt
If you are a homeowner or business owner who needs your snowblower working for the winter season for years to come, having our small engine repair business perform yearly maintenance for your snowblower is a great option to guarantee that it stays at in tip-top shape for when you need it and that no problems arise requiring more intensive repairs down the line. As with anything, solving a problem before any symptoms appear is the best way to ensure your snowblower lasts as long as it can, and routine maintenance is the best way to do this.

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