Maintenance & Repair

Lawnmowers are like cars, in that they feature complex engines that require routine maintenance and sometimes even intensive repair. If you are a homeowner or business owner with one or more lawnmowers that are in need of maintenance or repair, our small engine repair business can make sure your lawnmowers stays healthy and working for a long time to come.

Keep your lawn healthy and attractive with regular trimming and watering.  Sharp lawnmower blades help keep the cut ends of the grass open to water.  A healthy lawn is also better able to fight off invasion by weeds!  

When your lawnmower encounters tree roots, rocks and other debris during its cutting action, it can dull the blades and damage your mower.  We’ll inspect and sharpen your blades and get you cutting again in no time!

Common Lawnmower Problems that Require Repair

> The starter rope gets stuck or feels sluggish

If you notice that your starter rope is hard or impossible to pull, this could mean that your lawnmower is clogged with grass clippings. A thorough and careful cleaning can get your starter rope feeling like new, making it much easier to start your mower.

Lawnmower, front view
Lawn tractor
Red lawnmower cutting lush dark green lawn

> The motor won’t start no matter how hard you try

If you’re yanking the starter rope as hard as you can and the engine still won’t turn over, this could mean a variety of things. It could mean that you need a new spark plug, a new air filter, or a new fuel filter, among other things. We have the know-how and expertise to properly diagnose the problem and fix it for you so you can get your lawnmower back to working as good as new.

> Your lawnmower stops working  you while you’re using it

If your lawnmower loses power right in the middle of mowing your lawn, this obviously means something is wrong. It could mean you need a new air filter, a new spark plug, or that the blades need to be sharpened or replaced. We’ll diagnose the problem and find out a solution so you can get back to mowing your lawn as soon as possible.

> You notice smoke coming out of your engine

One of the most troubling things you can notice on your lawnmower is smoke coming out of the engine, but don’t panic! This likely is simply an oil leak, possibly caused by overfilling the oil chamber. Still, there’s always a possibility it could be something worse, especially if the smoke is lighter in color and seems to be coinciding with poor performance in the engine. Either way, having a professional come out for diagnosis and repairs is the best way to ensure the problem is solved and your lawnmower is back to tip-top health.

> How often does a lawnmower need routine maintenance?

Even if you don’t notice something is up, routine maintenance is still a good idea. There are several things that you should do for your lawnmower annually, including:

  • Draining and replacing the oil
  • Supplementing the fuel system with fuel stabilizer
  • Replacing the spark plug
  • Replacing the air filter
  • Sharpening and balancing the blades

If you are a homeowner or business owner with one or more lawnmowers you would like to keep in service for a long time to come, having our small engine repair business perform annual maintenance for your lawnmowers is a great option to guarantee that they stay at their optimal functioning level and that no more intensive repairs are needed down the line. Just like with a car, solving the problem before the symptoms arise is always the way to go when it comes to lawnmowers, and annual maintenance is the way to do it.

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