Gas Powered Engines
Maintenance & Repair

Small gas engines contribute to our lives on a daily basis!  . We find these engines in our power trimmers, edgers, chain saws, pumps, snowblowers,  lawnmowers, tillers, cultivators, generators, air compressors, and countless other home tools.

We also find small gas engines brining the power to our toys, such as snowmobiles, motorcycles, outboard boats, all-terrain (ATV) vehicles, ultralight aircraft, and others. 

To keep the work and the fun going, we can maintain and repair all your small engines!  

You know that long “honey-do” list that never seems to end?  It starts with walking into your garage or shed, ready to tackle that first task.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic, knowing that your equipment, no matter what the task, is ready and waiting?   

If however, you’ve got broken, or neglected equipment, you’re likely to be more stressed than excited.  That list will feel like it’s hanging over your head, with doom and gloom!  Relax!   Get your tools ready,  and your “honey-do” list finished!

And the best reward for a job well done?  Some fun! Fishing, dirt-bike riding, ATV trail riding, snowmobiling, is all waiting for you!  Your toys are primed and ready!

The feeling of pulling the ripcord on your outboard engine as you get ready to fly out on the lake and catch that elusive lunker is likely to take you back to your childhood.  Share that wonderful feeling that with your own kids now!  Don’t let your outboard woes spoil those memories or dash your kid’s hopes!  We can tune your outboard so that it will give its best performance and save you money on gas costs too!  And don’t forget, we can make sure you bed it down properly for the winter so it’s ready to go in the spring when the fishing season starts again! 

Young lady wearing ear protection while on a riding lawnmower
Man using a snowblower in a blue sky day
Boat engine outboard
Outboard motor

We’re happy to talk to you about your gas powered engine needs! 

Whether it’s the tools you use to reduce your workload, or the toys you use to have some fun, we’re your go-to source  for keeping things running in top shape!

Contact us about all your gas powered equipment.  We use them all too, and love the outdoors just as much as you do!  

All-terrain vehicle
All-terrain vehicle (ATV)
Solo snowmobile rider

Outdoor fun = speed!  Watching the ground flying by as you look down towards the ground on the ATV trail or the snow in an open field is exhilarating!  Make sure you get out on the trails when you want.  Problems with your snowmobile or your ATV should never keep you from getting out into the fresh air and carving up the dirt!  Let our experience and enthusiasm get you back on your snowmobile and ATV and living life as you want it.   

Give us a call and we can complete a full and detailed  of your machines and identify any issues.  Whether the needs is for a tune-up, cleaning or parts and expert labour, we can do it all!

CALL us at   Call us at (365) 800-6405   for all your gas powered engine needs.