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Everyone loves having a beautiful yard.  Don’t you long to be the envy of your neighbours, with your manicured lawn, perfectly carved hedges, free of leaves and debris?  But it’s all so much work!  So many tasks, so much time.  Makes you want to run away, no?

Well don’t fret, you’re in luck!  There are many options when it comes to finding tools that can reduce the toil, and produce stunning results and minimize your manual labour!

Leaf blowers; edge, hedge and weed trimmers; tractors and tillers / cultivators are all available to give you the results your home deserves!

At Oshawa Small Engine Repair, we have experience with all brands and garden power tools.  Bring them to us all, we’ll keep you up and running year round!

Have you ever walked by a neighbour’s hedgerow and been impressed by it’s geometric uniformity, and style?  Stop coveting it, and make your yard their envy instead!  A well tuned hedge trimmer, allows you to make quick work of overgrown hedges.

Make the ends of your lawn and edges of your flowerbeds neat and tidy.  Edge and weed trimmers cangive your property the beautiful “manicured” look you see in professionally landscaped gardens, high-end homes, and golf courses!

Autumn is a beautiful season, with its brilliant fiery hue of falling leaves.  But those lovely dreams can quickly turn to nightmares of endless raking.  Make fast, effortless work of those many bags of leaves with your leaf blower.  You’ll be whistling as you carry them out to the curb!

And your blower will also clean up all the grass clippings left behind after your last mowed lawn.  You can keep your yard spotless and brilliant, with just a little bit of planning and careful servicing of  your garden equipment.  

Lawn edger
Edge trimmer
Trimming bushes with a hedge trimmer
Hedge trimmer
Weed trimmer in use by landscaper
Weed trimmer
Gardener using a gas-powered backpack leaf blower
Leaf blower

We’re happy to talk to you about your garden equipment needs! 

Contact us about all your garden equipment.  We’re happy to help you with the technical and love to chat about your vision for your property.  

Gardener driving a riding lawn mower in garden
Lawn tractor
Man plowing a field using a gas powered tiller
Tiller / cultivator

And speaking of lawnmowers, whatever type you own, we can repair and maintain your machine!  We have experience with them all!  Rider mowers; a zero-turn lawn tractors, standard push mowers, and self-propelled mower.    We know how to keep all your mowers in great shape and repair.  Remember, the best defense against repairs is to protect your equipment with seasonal and/or annual maintenance!  

Great green lawns are a beautiful hallmark of a well-kept home.  And the most important way to keep that lawn green and lush is to make sure it is properly hydrated!  Dull mower blades will tear the grass, rather than cleanly cutting it and leaving open cut ends that are thirsty to suck up water.  Ragged grass ends are less likely to absorb water, leading to the grass drying out, and being unhealthy, which can in increase vulnerability to weed invasion. Your lawnmower blades can lose their sharpness by hitting roots and rocks in your yard as you work.  Make sure you get your blades inspected regularly and sharpened at least once a year. 

Are you a budding farmer?  Love growing vegetables in your own yard?  If you have the talent and patience to for growing things, planting season is definitely easier with a cultivator or tiller!  

Picking your own fresh vegetables from your own back yard allows you to save money, and have control over the health of your food.  The opportunities are fantastic!  Save money by avoiding paying extreme prices for so-called “organic” groceries that you can’t trust.  Grow it in your own yard and you can be certain it really is completely organic!  

It all begins with tilling the land and preparing it for the bounty you will harvest.  Start your vegetable garden the easy way, by using a tiller, rather than breaking your back before the fun even starts!

Make things look great and taste great by bringing us all your garden equipment!  Our professionals will get your equipment working just right and at the right price!

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