Concrete Saw
Maintenance & Repair

Concrete saws are aptly named, in that they are most often used to cut concrete.  They are also often used for related purposes, cutting brick, masonry, asphalt and tile, usually with a diamond blade.  In addition, they can also cut steel and stone, using an abrasive wheel.  These saws come in a variety of formats:  gas powered, electric or hydraulic.  They can be handheld, chop-saw and walk-behind models.

Most commonly, a concrete saw is used wet, using water as a cooling fluid during operation.  This not only reduces wear on the steel core below the blade, but also protects the blade (mostly of the diamond variety) from breakage.  

If the blade were to break, it could lead to serious injury, and even death as the blade section’s flight would be unpredictable and uncontrolled.  Not only would the saw’s operator be endangered, but also anyone in the nearby vicinity!  

Finally, using water during operations also serves to reduce dust and airborne particles that have been  linked to serious lung diseases, including lung cancer, silicosis and others.

It is important to remember that accurate cutting can only be achieved by having a solidly seated blade.  Any wobble, inconsistent power supply or excess vibration will impact the precision and negatively impact the saw’s usefulness.  Mostly, concrete saws are used in flat-sawing situations, such as cutting floors, pavements, walkways, ramps and other flat sawing applications.  

Construction site cutting concrete along a retainer wall
Construction working starting concrete saw

Other common problems including having difficulty starting the saw; blade not spinning; or the engine cutting in and out, or dying out all together.

Our professional mechanics will fully inspect all aspects of your saw and ensure everything is well tuned and aligned.  You deserve the best service for your saw, and we’ll provide just that, making sure it is in tip-top condition!  From the belts, bearings, pulleys and brushes to the clutch, flange, shaft, isolator blade, starter, ratchet and more, we’ll identify the issue, suggest parts and labour needed, and get you back to your job right away!

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