Maintenance & Repair

Cutting trees and wood isn’t just a lumberjack’s territory!   Common terminology of the trade includes felling, freeing, limbing or bucking trees and wood, as well as brushing and slashing.   But there are also speciality chainsaws to cut stone, concrete and brick!

We are Oshawa’s best choice to  maintain and repair your  chainsaw.  A regular  engine chainsaw requires tune-ups, including carburetor adjustment, filter changes and oil monitoring as well as lubrication.  

The centrifugal clutch and sprocket which run the saw’s drive mechanism are vulnerable to damage, but can be repaired by our professional mechanics!

And while the chain is the star of the show, doing all the cutting work, it’s important that you monitor its condition.  Dullness can contribute to increased kickback, which is a safety hazard, as well as reducing your efficiency and the speed of your work.  

Keeping the chain teeth sharp is vital to reducing vibration, producing a cleaner cut and increasing your safety.  We have the experience and knowledge of exactly how to sharpen your chain teeth to reduce vibration, speed up your work and keep you safer!

As with all engines, lubrication is the key to a properly functioning chainsaw.  The correct amount of oil added to the gas tank in a conventional chainsaw will keep the machine running at peak performance and protect the engine components.  In addition, but oil and grease are needed at the nose bar and saw power head, regularly being replenished as it is used up during use.

Gas powered chainsaws are strong, and durable.  They can last many years with proper servicing!  Blazing fast speed is  the trademark of gas chainsaws.  

Chainsaw cutting through a tree branch on a live tree
Chainsaw cutting a tree
Adding oil to chainsaw tank
Adding oil to the chamber
Sharpening the chainsaw teeth

We’re happy to talk to you about your chainsaw needs!  Reduce your frustration and keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket!

While an electric chainsaw can take minutes to cut through a moderately tree limb,  a gas chainsaw can literally take just few seconds to do the same work!  

And the build quality of the gas versions are far superior to the electric saws.  For small jobs on your property, an electric saw will suffice.  But for a giant boost in power, durability and just plain fun, spend the extra cash and buy a gas powered chainsaw.  You’ll be ripping through your cutting and trimming tasks in seconds!

And when the work is done, and the season changing, and you must law away your saw  for an extended period of time?  We can prevent corrosion, keep the lines clear and prevent stagnant fuel from damaging your machine during it’s winter slumber.  During the cutting season, we’ll keep you spinning, and as you prepare to store your saw for the off-season, we will be your seasonal partner to provide year-round care for your cutting equipment.

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