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Small Engine Repair, Oshawa, Ontario

Your search for the best small engine repair shop in Oshawa is over!  We are your most trusted option for lawn and garden equipmentsnowblower, and chainsaw repair.  We have extensive experience with a wide variety of brands.  We provide economical, expert service with a fast turnaround.  We will maintain and repair your broken lawnmower, snowblower, or chainsaw.  If it has an engine we’re there for you!

Repairs done quickly and accurately!

Is your tool not starting?  Seeing smoke?  Is it putting out more heat than usual?  New grinding or rattle sound?  Is the blade or chain is broken?

We have experienced mechanics that can inspect and identify the problem quickly!  We know that waiting to find out what’s wrong is frustrating.  Don’t waste your time! We will fix your equipment and have it performing at its best.

We have extensive experience will all brands.  Whatever the issue, we offer you solutions that fit your budget, and get you back working!

What do we service & repair?

Maintenance is key for the long-life of your equipment

Are your tools not performing as well as they used to?  On-going maintenance at regular intervals is crucial for extending the life of your equipment.  We can perform seasonal tune-ups on all your equipment!  That means we inspect, clean and lubricate, change the oil and filter(s), and help keep your tools in optimal condition.  Don’t let your favourite old machines down.  The saying “they just don’t build them like they used to” is true!  Your older equipment was built back when things were built to last.  A little TLC goes a long way!  You may have inherited that trusty lawnmower from your Dad, and with some care, it can still give you many years of dependable service.   

We’re your local small engine professionals, serving Oshawa with all its lawnmower, chainsaw, snowblower, and garden equipment repair and service needs.  We’re your one stop repair shop! 

Auger Repair

Digging a hole has a few basics.  It has to be dug down straight, have a steady width all the way down and should generally have a flat bottom.  Getting that with a shovel can be a huge challenge!

Power augers can do all that for you, and more!  Often, they are used for more extensive projects, such as digging fence post holes or decks.  On those type of projects, you need consistent results, often repeated many times!  These big projects can be costly and time consuming.  You need your equipment working in top condition all throughout the day and life of the project.  Our professional technicians can service and, if needed, repair your auger so you can be blasting through your builds in no time!

Gardening chores such as planting bulbs, seedlings and plants can be quickly completed when a hand-held power tool (such as a 3/8″ or 1/2″ corded or cordless drill is paired with an auger.

Have you been dreaming of having underground sprinkler lines installed for watering your yard?   Overwhelming DIY idea,  isn’t it?  Especially if your sprinkler line has to pass under your perfectly set walkway or sidewalk.  Don’t worry!  You can use a hand-held auger to make the perfect tunnels PVC sprinkler lines, and go right under those concrete slabs without tearing up any of that  competed work!

What about aerating your lawn, or trees?  For your shrubs and trees, hydration is key to health.  But making sure you’ve got water down deep to the roots of a tree can be tricky.  Does your tree seem to be drying out?  How about fertilizing your shrubs and trees?  Augers are the perfect tool for a variety of challenging purposes throughout your yard.  The possibilities are endless!

If you’ve got an auger and it’s not working as you’d like it to, contact us. 

Auger covered with dirt
Ice auger being used on a lake
Auger drilling in dirt

Augers are meant to help your work, and help your fun!  If you like ice fishing, a powered ice auger will blast your fishing lines in the water quickly.  Bring friends and family to the lake, and you can make each person their own individual hole to fish from.  Kids aren’t very good at waiting!  They want to fish!  An auger saves time and powers up the fun!  Regular maintenance by our professionals will keep your ice auger running.  Be ready when the fishing season begins!

Broken teeth, damaged or missing auger tips?  We can repair or replace  the parts to get you up and running!  We use carbide cutting teeth which durable and long-lasting.  That reduces your downtime, and saves you money.  The tip of your auger is an important part of starting the hole and keeping it on track and travelling in the direction you want.  We can replace your damaged and broken tips quickly, bringing your equipment back to life.

Regular maintenance, proper fuel-oil ratio mixture, lubrication, cleaning and off-season storage are a must!  Talk to us about your auger repair and tune-up needs.

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Chainsaw Repair & Maintenance

Got a big cutting job looming?  Chainsaw make quick work of that pile of wood looming before you!  Swinging an axe is a huge workout.  That’s great if you’re trying to get in shape, but if you need the job done quickly without losing your breathe, break out the chainsaw and get to work!

And did you know there are specialized chainsaws for jobs that don’t even involve trees or wood?  They are often used by homeowners and construction professionals to cut stone, concrete and brick!

Of course, not many of us can think of a chainsaw without a cursory thought of the last horror flick we saw.  They can be scary! Fast spinning sharp teeth, and an open blade…you need to keep yourself safe!  One of the most important things you can do to keep yourself and those around you safe is keeping your saw well-maintained.

You get the best performance and most safety when ensuring your chain teeth are properly sharpened at the right angle.  Not only does this increase the efficiency of the cut, but it also reduces kickback.  Kickback can be dangerous, causing you to lose control, and dull teeth also contribute to and vibration which will increase  your fatigue while working, Vibration can also impact your long-term health by creating excess wear and tear in your joints if you use a chainsaw often!  Bring us your dull chainsaw and we’ll sharpen it to perfection.  You’ll be cutting through trees and logs like a hot knife through butter!

Just like your car, your chainsaw needs regular tune-ups for a long life.  These include carburetor adjustments, filter maintenance and proper lubrication.

We are experienced in every aspects of your chainsaw’s maintenance, repair and tuning for maximum safe performance.  Bring your saw to us for a pre-season tune-up, and end-of-season storage preparation.  We’ll keep your chain spinning without any cares!

Sharpening a chainsaw with a file
Changing the chain on a chainsaw
Lumberjack cutting a fallen birch tree trunk
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Concrete Saw Repair & Maintenance

There’s a reason concrete is used in building throughout the world.  It’s durable, economical and can hold up to all seasons, as well as heavy wear and tear!  Once you’ve poured it and it’s set, concrete is likely to last a lifetime.  So what do you do if you want to make a change later on?  Do you demolition all that work and investment, destroying an entire installation, if you just need to make a change to one area?   Concrete saws to the rescue!  Concrete saws are often used when you need to cut concrete, brick, masonry, asphalt and tile.  Due to the hard nature of the materials, this requires a diamond blade.  In addition, speciality saws can also cut steel and stone, using an abrasive wheel.  

Construction worker cutting bricks with a concrete saw
Concrete walkway being cut with a large concrete saw by a worker

Saws come in many different varieties, depending on your purposes.  They can be used for precision cutting of floors, pavement, walkways, ramps and other applications. 

If you have a saw in need of repair or maintenance, our expert mechanics will examine the plethora of components that need to be in good working order and finely tuned and aligned for your saw to function at its best! This can include belts, bearings, pulleys and brushes, as well as the clutch, flange, shaft, isolator blade, starter, ratchet and more! We can identify the problem, suggest which parts and labour are required, and get you working in no time!

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Garden Equipment Repair & Maintenance

A beautiful yard takes a great eye for detail, lots of manual labour and the best tools!  Fortunately, there are many classes of equipment available to ease the work, and help you finish faster.  And you’ll be adding tremendous value to your property value and curb appeal, as well as taking great satisfaction in completing the work yourself!  Leaf blowers; edge, hedge and weed trimmers;  tractors and tillers / cultivators are just some of the tools that can help you achieve the results your home deserves!

We have experience with all brands and garden power tools to keep you up getting top-notch results all year long!

Bring us all your garden equipment.  We will clean, lubricate and tune-up all your tools in record time, giving you chance to get back out in the yard and make your property look amazing.

Tilled vegetable patch
Hedge trimmer being used by a gardener
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Gas Powered Engines Repair & Maintenance

Small gas engines surround us every day!  You find them in power trimmers, edgers, chain saws, pumps, snowblowers,  lawnmowers, tillers, cultivators, generators, air compressors, and other many more common home tools.

In addition, gas engines also put the power in our toys!  Outdoor fun begins with machines such as snowmobiles, motorcycles, outboard boats, all-terrain (ATV) vehicles, ultralight aircraft, and others.  If you want to ensure they stay in top shape and operate with the greatest performance and efficiency,  our pros can help you maintain and repair them all!

Small gas engines have many systems that must interact perfectly for the engine to work as expected.   Gasoline-powered engines have six systems that help us work, let us play, reduce our labour and speed up our tasks : fuel, exhaust, ignition, combustion, cooling, and lubrication.  We know them all, and whatever your brand we’re your best choice for repair and seasonal or annual service! 

Two women riders on an ATV
Gas powered engine with an open gas tank for refueling
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Lawnmower Repair & Maintenance

The sight and smell of a freshly cut lawn is wonderful to experience, and certainly brings joy to a homeowner’s heart.  It’s the work to get there that we would rather avoid!  You may have a small lawn in your front yard, or a large property with many acres over a large sprawl.  Either way, being able to get the job done fast and get a manicured and impressive result is the desired goal!

Many of us had our first experience with lawn mowering using a smaller mower, as a kid, taking care of the family yard.  These smaller mowers can be manually pushed, or self-propelled (also known as “walk-behind” mowers).  Bigger mowers (mostly of the commercial variety) are riders, and usually look like a tractor (they are sometimes even called lawn tractors!).    In fact, there are  even stand-up  mowers, with a zero-degree turning radius!

Whichever mower you use, we will keep your machine finely tuned; the blades sharp, and repair any problems you encounter.  In addition, to extend the life of your lawnmower, we can winterize your mower and save you money!

 Dull mower blades tear the ends of your turf during the cutting process.  Tattered turf can lead to poor hydration and kill your grass!  That’s an expensive and time-intensive mistake that is easily avoided!  We’ll sharpen your lawnmower blades to give you a perfect cut every time.  Come see us at the start of the season and we’ll get you ready for the growth that comes with spring showers!  Frequent cutting, or a lot of hazards on your property, such as roots or stones can also lead to blade damage.  In this case, you to have your blades inspected midway through the season to make sure nothing is bent, and that you haven’t lost the edge on your blades.  If your mower begins to under-perform, bring it back to us and, and we’ll fix the problem and get you cutting like a professional!

Gardener adjusting a cable on a lawnmower
Front view of lawnmower cutting tall grass
Multiple older lawnmowers in a row
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Snowblower Repair & Maintenance

Even before the current age of climate change, winter has proven to be quite unpredictable and surprise us with record snowfalls.  Unless you’ve got a home full of strapping your teenagers looking to earn extra pocket money, you’re going to need some help keeping things cleared! Enter the snowblower, getting you out of all that hard work and out of a bad situation!  But wait, is that snowblower not as reliable as you’d hoped? Having trouble starting it? Is it only weakly throwing the snow, and creating more headaches than solutions?  Is the engine smoking? Auger not turning, or broken?

We’ve got your back!  Getting dumped on by a snowfall doesn’t have to leave you feeling down in the dumps!  We’ll fix any make or model get you back out clearing your sidewalks and driveway.  Your car needs the space, and the plows in your areas don’t want you parking on the road! 

 We can reduce some of your winter stress and provide you the confidence in your blower to keep you property clear of snow this winter!  We’ll fix your snowblower and save your back.  Spend a bit of money on maintenance and repairs, and save a fortune on massage and physiotherapy!

Closeup of snowblower auger blades in use
Snowblower removing snow
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